XBMC 3D Enabler Samsung TV

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XBMC 3D Enabler Samsung TV

Post by pavel.kuzub » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:50 pm

You have a Samsung TV that is 3D enabled, but your XBMC cannot switch your TV into 3D mode when you start watching your favorite 3D Movie?
You keep pressing that 3D button on your Samsung TV remote to switch your TV manually into 3D mode?
Suffer no more!

This EventGhost addon will switch your Samsung 3DTV automatically to 3DTAB or 3DSBS mode and back when you start watching your favorite 3D Movie in XBMC!
Your TV should be connected to your LAN. If your TV has a 3D button on the remote and you can control it from iPhone/Android application - it will most probably work for you!

Key Features:
1) Automatically switches TV to 3D Stereoscopic mode once you start playing 3D Movie in XBMC
2) Samsung TV discovery - finds yuor TV IP automatically

1) Your signal continues to be 60p+ versus 24p if using frame packed 3D mode switch (if supported by your videocard at all)
2) No XBMC performance degradation due to lower fps caused by frame packing 3D
3) No need to press 3D button multiple times manually every time you watch 3D movie

1) Comparing to frame packed 3D mode switch - you can see 3D mode switch menu on your TV during a switch like when you manually press 3D button on your remote

1) Samsung 3DTV connected to LAN
2) EventGhost + XBMC2 plugin of version 0.6.11 or above
3) XBMC 13 Gotham (developed and tested on Monthly Build: xbmc-13.0-Gotham_alpha10.exe). XBMC 12 Frodo compatibility TBD
4) Windows platform (EventGhost itself and turning screen black uses Windows blank screensaver)

1) Ensure XBMC2 plugin Autostart with EventGhost and is configured to your XBMC host and port and you can see XBMC Events in the activity
2) Create a new macro called "XBMC 3D Enabler Samsung TV"
3) Select "Python Script" as action and paste the code from attached script: "3D_Enabler_20140102.py"
4) Define two events as triggers: "XBMC2.Player.OnPlay.movie" and "XBMC2.Player.OnStop.movie"
5) Select Configure on "Python Script" and lick "Test" button - your TV should ask permission for "3D Enabler" - answer "Allow"
6) Click on "Text" button again and your TV should switch to 3DTAB mode for 3 seconds and then back to 2D mode
3D_Enabler_EG_1.png (23.11 KiB) Viewed 3475 times
Special Thanks to:
1) sc0ty for Samsung TV network remote control protocol
2) pjnewman for Samsung Wireless Remote Control/iPhone Protocol Decoded
3) Asif Iqbal for Samsung TV Remote Control over LAN/WLAN using Python
4) Samsung Forum for Device Discovery, Authentication, and Pairing
5) dankrause for ssdp discovery
6) My wife for my spare time :)
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