Respond to WMC channel change

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Respond to WMC channel change

Post by vanLudwig » Sat Jan 11, 2014 5:39 pm

I want to execute a Python script whenever Windows Media Center tries to use the IR blaster to change channels on the cable box. Is this something EventGhost can do? I'm a professional programmer; I could probably write a plugin if that was required, but I'm not even sure if EventGhost is the right technology to start with. If EventGhost is not the right technology, any suggestions as to what the right technology might be would be appreciated.

Additional Information: Media Center is currently instructing the IR blaster that came with my Hauppauge 2250 to change channels, but the cable box I'm trying to control doesn't use IR. I'm currently manually making HTTP requests to change channels on the cable box; I want to automate this with the Python scripts. The only piece of the puzzle I'm missing is getting an event when Media Center tries to change channels.

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Re: Respond to WMC channel change

Post by barnabas1969 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:36 pm

My first piece of advice would be to ditch the cable box and buy a CableCARD tuner. I assume that you're in the USA? Silicondust, Hauppauge, and Ceton make a variety of CableCARD tuners, ranging from 2-tuner models all the way up to 6-tuner models which only require a single CableCARD. Your cable company charges you a monthly rental fee on the cable box. They also charge a monthly rental on CableCARD's, but at a much lower rate per FCC regulations. The money you save each month on the cable box will eventually pay for the new tuner (probably in 12-24 months). The 3-tuner Silicondust HD HomeRun PRIME tuner sells normally for $129, and often goes on sale for $99. Plus, you get 2-6 tuners instead of one... and you get HD instead of SD (as you do with the 2250)... and you'll never need to deal with the problematic IR blaster setup in Media Center.

I recommend going to for more help with Windows Media Center.

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