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Temperature "scroll"

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 7:30 pm
by Pliind

So i finally got some extra temperature sensors and I'd like to "post" these to my iMon display.

So the script im using today is.

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p = str(eg.event.payload)
p = p.split("|")
eg.globals.outtemp4 = outtemp4
How would i go about having another temperature change with it on the display?

This is what i send to my iMon display.

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{eg.globals.outtemp4}°C {eg.globals.time}
So now whenever i get new reading from my temp sensor the display is updated.

Anybody have a better idea on how to extract it?

And a last question, ive got my variables to my eventghost web server. so i have the values in HTML, how do i export to other uses? i have a "open" webpage on my Synology, so how do i get the temp from EG over there?