Python Script to Open Random File

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Python Script to Open Random File

Post by aldi13 » Fri Jul 18, 2014 4:27 pm

I am using EG on my media center. I have a button setup on remote/wall(light switch) that my son can push to turn on a random kids TV show. My wife tells me that the script seems to favor the same shows over and over. Any ideas how I can improve my script to play a random TV show?

Thanks in advance

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import glob,random,os
files = glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Bubble Guppies*.wtv")
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Doc McStuffins*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Mickey Mouse Clubhouse*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Octonauts*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Team Umizoomi*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Jake and the Never Land Pirates*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\PAW Patrol*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Yo Gabba Gabba*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Henry Hugglemonster*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Wallykazam*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Dora the Explorer*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Jungle Junction*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\Little Einstein*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\The Wonder Pets*.wtv"))
files.extend(glob.glob("D:\Recorded TV\WordWorld*.wtv"))
file = random.choice(files)
print "Opening file %s..." % file
cmd = "rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler \"" + file + "\""

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