New version 0.5.0-beta6 is out

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New version 0.5.0-beta6 is out

Postby topix » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:44 pm

0.5.0-beta6 (2017-02-12)

  • Add the Widget Inspection Tool to the Help menu. 153 (topic2k)
  • [System] PowerBroadcastNotifier, Adds additional notifications 175 (kdschlosser)
Fixed bugs:
  • Fix for empty Logctrl after restoring from tray (fixes #138) 149 (topic2k)
  • [Speech] Fix wxGridSizer error when adding action 155 (per1234)
  • Avoid duplicate GUIDs of tree Items on copy/paste 161 (kdschlosser)
  • Add six to included modules (fixes #169) 171 (topic2k)
  • [System] MonitorPowerOn not working in Windows 8 & 10 174 (kdschlosser)
  • Add module for patching pywin32 177 (kdschlosser)
  • [Speech] nearly complete rewrite of the plugin 179 (topic2k)
  • SpinNumCtrl: Re-add workaround for traceback if min value > 0 188 (kdschlosser)
  • Removes accidentally added SetMin() from SpinNumCtrl 192 (kdschlosser)
  • WinUsbWrapper.dll broken in 0.5 builds 195 (kdschlosser)
Other changes:
  • [System] Allow multiple quoted arguments in calls to CMD via /S 150 (edemaine)
  • [Remote Event Mapper] Fix rendering of reStructuredText in description 170 (per1234)
  • Change "Search our issue tracker" link to also show closed issues and PRs 173 (per1234)

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Re: New version 0.5.0-beta6 is out

Postby kgschlosser » Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:54 am

I am reading the changelog and i realized there are things missing... but also the changelog on github does not show anything for beta 6
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