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64bit EventGhost anyone??!?!?!?!

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:28 am
by kgschlosser
This is something that was requested on more then a single occasion. There really is no reason to have EG run 64bit except to say that it does. But for those of you that do not like seeing the *32 after the process name or don't like finding your most used aplications in the Program Files (x86) folder. then this should do the trick.

This was a pretty large undertaking. There was a very large amount of things that had to be altered to make this possible. The code had to be written in a manner so that both x86 and x64 share the same code. I also discovered some pitfalls with the current build process along the way and I have made adjustments to it. so now more libraries are available without the nee to install python. The footprint of EG grew from some 18.3mb for the installer to 21.6mb the installed size is 95.6mb this is for the x64 build. the x86 should be slightly smaller.

The build process has been written so it build both versions at the same time (handy). I have also added in the compiling of all of the extension dll files that are needed to run EG. these files have not been recompiled in a very very long while. I had to update/create build solutions for the dll's. I also had to write a proper way to detect and run msbuild and setup the whole build environment for the dll files. That msvc (Microsoft Visual C) detection script is something I have been tinkering with on and off for about a year now. It now works and it works correctly. unlike the detection mechanism that is built into python.

I have tracked down and fixed as many glitches as I could find. Everything should work the same as it currently does on the x86 build. If there are any issues you can report them here so I can fix them..
Apparently I still have an issue with the build. I will post a link for the setup file a little later.

Re: 64bit EventGhost anyone??!?!?!?!

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 10:22 am
by kgschlosser
ok so sorry about the delay on this. I finally managed to get the bugger to build properly. The funny thing is it would build OK on my machine but it would not using appveyor. I finally figured it out.. it was a path issue. ... /artifacts

download the Setup file.

Re: 64bit EventGhost anyone??!?!?!?!

Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:31 pm
by Malfunction
This would be a great thing! I've been trying the beta 64-bit SageTV build, and it works OK until it needs to use the USB-UIRT. The USB-UIRT is in use by the 32-bit driver EventGhost uses.

Re: 64bit EventGhost anyone??!?!?!?!

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:24 pm
by doodeedoo
I am in the same situation as Malfunction. Are there any updates to this or is a 64 bit version available that I am missing?