The O-MEGA Project – A first look

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The O-MEGA Project – A first look

Postby Sem;colon » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:25 pm

I proudly present: The O-MEGA Project!

What it is?

Well, you could put it simple and say it's an web-interface for EventGhost, but it's much more than that! It's an EventGhost extension that will add a lot of useful out of the box home-automation functionality and it offers quite some unique features you have never seen in any home-automation web interfaces before!

Here is a list of some of it's features:
  • Organize all your home-automation devices in the configuration menu – UI based, no configuration files
  • Supports the usual controls; like buttons, sliders, color picker...
  • Designed to work well on both; PCs and mobile devices like smart phones and tablets without providing a second (mobile) interface for them
  • Uses long-polling to give you a real-time overview over your home-automation landscape without reloading the page
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Template based:
    • Add and remove functionality – tailor it to your needs
    • Create your own templates with the help of a documented template API (requires HTML and JavaScript skills)
    • Configure existing templates with the actions you need (UI based, no programming skills required)
    • Share your templates with others by using the export/import mechanism
  • Comes with templates for PC automation:
    • Remote file browser
    • Remote mouse and keyboard control
  • Automate across multiple PCs:
    • Centralizes the EventGhost events from all connected PCs on the server
    • Can use EventGhost instances on other PCs to control installed software or locally attached devices
  • Active media control determines the most “interesting” multimedia device or program and redirects your commands to it
  • Scene recorder within the web-interface that can record actions as well as conditions for them

...And many more! (really, there is a lot more)

Since pictures say sometimes more than 1000 words, here are some screenshots:

AIMP template

File browser

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