UnLock Win8.1 Workstation (win7 replies also welcome)

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UnLock Win8.1 Workstation (win7 replies also welcome)

Post by yasuo » Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:11 pm

hi there,

im looking for a way to unlock my workstation, triggered by GE.
i already found a way locking it, but unlocking seems quite complicated.

so far i learned about some possibilities, but none of them seems "safe" or "clean":
- autologon.exe user domain password (provided by sysinternals)
you need to store the user password in cleartext somewhere, because storing encrypted in the registry (how safe might that be....) works only on startup-autologin AFAIK
also, you need superuser rights and i dont want to turn off UAC

- logon.exe
but its third-party and there are many trojans called logon.exe

- some kind of "hack" wich switches from Winlogin Desktop to the Default(User) Desktop without actually unlocking the machine:
http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/161 ... orkstation

- psshutdown.exe -f -o
well it actually logs of the user and kills processes before logging in again (correct me if im wrong)

-last but not least there is a hacking tool called inception wich claims to be able to take over your PC by abusing the DMA-Feature granted by Firefire, PCI or pcmcia
Well not exactly what im looking for XD
any other ideas?
i think there are pretty much "clean" commercial solutions for (un)locking your workstations with usb-dongles, RFID, Tags or Bluetooth-Apps so there should be a way to implent such a thing with EG?
Lets not talk about EG's security at this point im pretty aware its a different level...

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