Trying to build Hulu remote

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Trying to build Hulu remote

Postby jachin99 » Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:52 pm

I'm trying to build EG remote profiles for different programs using a combination of screen clicks, and remapping my mouse scroll wheel to pressing down twice. I can set this up pretty easily on Netflix because it has a consistent page layout but other sites don't. Hulu for instance has a large banner at the top of the page, then a really small banner underneath of that, and then medium size banners with small banners placed randomly throughout each page. I would like to use my over arrows to scroll through the horizontal banners by setting the mouse at a given point on the page, and emulating a click as it does in my Netflix remote but the page layout doesn't let me. This means that If I set my mouse to an absolute value, and have it scroll a given distance, the mouse pointer will eventually move out of the area occupied by the over arrow on the hulu page/app.

What I am thinking I might be able to do is find where the over arrow is scripted into the page, and just tell the webpage that I clicked the over arrow without moving my mouse all around, or trying to figure out an asymmetric mouse scroll wheel hack job from hell. I know the page is written in HTML, and I'm guessing if I can find where the arrow is coded into the webpage, then tell the webpage I clicked on it, this would work in at least the website, and possibly in the app. How can I accomplish this?
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