EG crash when Keyboard plugin is repeatedly enabled/disabled

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EG crash when Keyboard plugin is repeatedly enabled/disabled

Post by phlox » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:24 pm

I hope to not to annoy anyone here with my bug reports but I wouldn't post them if I wouldn't believe in the ingenuity of EG :)

In my EG configuration, the Keyboard plugin is being disabled and enabled in different states. When an OSD message is being displayed, the Keyboard plugin is enabled in order to catch any keyboard event and after that it is disabled again. I do/did this for efficiency reasons and to not to flood the log with boring keyboard events. But after the plugin has been enabled / disabled a couple of times, EG (or even more: the Python interpreter) crashes without leaving any log messages (at least not in Log.txt). Certain environment conditions accelerate the frequency of the crashes: If DVBViewer is running, the crashes are much more frequent than else. I also suspect that a big and heavy EG config accelerates. However, even in the simpliest config (as attached here) including only the Keyboard plugin I can reproduce the crashes as often as I want, without having DVBViewer running etc. but it needs more tries and more patience.

As said, I attach a sample config demonstrating the issue. In order to reproduce, randomly run macros the 'EnableOnAnyKey' and 'DisableOnAnyKey' (by pressing F5) and from time to time, switch to another application window, use cursor keys and do some other random things. After a while (the longest I was trying was a few minutes) EG will crash for sure.

I've tested on two independant Win7 machines (32bit and 64bit) with EG 4.1.

Sure, now where I know that weakness, I can avoid enabling / disabling that plugin and the world is OK for me again. But anyway I think there's something wrong with that plugin, since there's another minor but annoying issue: After enabling the plugin, the first key pressed is sometimes swallowed, i.e. not sent to the focussed application.
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Re: EG crash when Keyboard plugin is repeatedly enabled/disa

Post by blackwind » Sun Jun 02, 2013 1:15 am

This should now be resolved. See here.

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