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Description & Features

Post by Sem;colon » Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:36 pm

What is the O-MEGA Project?
Well, you could put it simple and say it's an smart home web-interface for EventGhost, but it's much more than that! It's an EventGhost extension that will add a lot of useful out of the box home-automation functionality even beyond the web UI. It offers quite some unique features, you have never seen in other solutions before.

It's free, it's open source, vendor independent and it's running completely on your own Hardware, independet from an internet connection. No online registration, no cloud service.
Donations are always welcome!

Download here: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=10556

Here is a list of the main features:
  • Organize all your home-automation devices in the configuration menu:
    • UI based, no configuration files need to be modified
    • The Configuration menu is part of the web-UI; you can adjust your configuration from any device running a Web-browser
  • Set dependencies between your devices:
    • When device 1 is turned on, turn device 2 on as well
    • When device 2 is turned off, turn off device 1 as well
    • The bidirectional architecture ensures that commands are executed in the right order and at the right time without configuring any delays
    • Works even when devices are switched manually or by a different system
  • One interface for all form factors:
    • Responsive design that works well on both; PCs and mobile devices like smart phones and tablets
    • Menus can be hidden on devices with small screens and extended on others
    • No second (mobile) interface; only develop templates once
    • Supports drag and drop as well as other touch gestures on touch devices (use drag and drop with the mouse on PCs)
    • Supports using the mouse wheel on
      PCs (for example to dim lights or change the volume)
  • Control and observe the status of your home-automation landscape:
    • Supports the usual controls; like buttons, sliders, color picker, input boxes...
    • The event based bidirectional design ensures that displayed states and values are up to date and not just assumed (unless you want it that way)
    • Uses long-polling to give you a real-time overview over your home-automation landscape without reloading the page
    • Possibility to enforce (lock) specific states on devices (viewtopic.php?f=44&t=10556#p56007)
    • The current status of buttons is displayed in different colors, providing additional information: Yellow means in progress/ command sent but not confirmed, Green means confirmed, light blue means locked
  • Display the value history of sensors etc. as a chart and act on the average, minimum and maximum value (viewtopic.php?f=46&t=10645)
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Background image changeable
  • Template based:
    • Add and remove functionality – tailor it to your needs
    • Create your own templates with the help of a documented template API (requires HTML and JavaScript skills)
    • Configure existing templates with the actions you need (UI based, no programming skills required)
    • You can even use an URL as template path to integrate any 3rd party webpage in your UI (the webpage must support to be displayed in an iFrame though)
    • Share your templates with others by using the export/import mechanism
  • Comes with templates for PC automation:
    • Basic controls like volume/mute and power
    • Remote file browser
    • Remote mouse and keyboard control
  • Automate across multiple PCs:
    • One interface to control all PCs in your automation landscape
    • Centralizes the EventGhost events from all connected PCs on the server
    • Can use EventGhost instances on other PCs to control installed software or locally attached devices
    • The configuration and the O-MEGA plugin only needs to be updated on the server and is automatically replicated to the client PCs
  • Active media control:
    • Determines the most “interesting” multimedia device or program and redirects your commands to it
  • Powerful scene recorder within the web-interface:
    • Simply perform your actions and the scene is automatically created from them
    • Add conditions to actions in your scene (if and else)
    • Scenes can be executed on demand, on event or on a schedule
    • Unlike EventGhost macros, O-MEGA scenes do not block the EventGhost main thread. That means you can have multiple (long therm) scenes running in parallel
  • Multi user support:
    • Each user can set it's own settings (some settings even depend on the user and the device the user is using, so different settings can be set for the same user on different devices)
    • Each user can create it's own dashboards
    • Each user can select it's own background image
    • Each user can select it's own language
    • Access to actions and features can be restricted for every user individually
  • Supports multiple languages simultaneously:
    • English
    • German
  • Turn any tablet into a control panel for your home automation
    • Options like automatically return to dashboard after a timeout support this use case
  • Open the web-interface with special links to have specific pages and views preset
  • Automatic backups:
    • An update or configuration change broke your setup? We have you covered! Every update or config change creates a full local backup of your O-MEGA environment automatically
    • Backups can be restored instantly by the simple tool "RestoreBackup.exe", that is part of the O-MEGA installation
    • Resoring a backup creates a new backup as well, so you can jump back and forth as often as required
    • Old backups are automatically deleted after a configurable number of days to free-up disk space
  • Voice Control:
    • Control any device in your configuration, no matter of it's designed to work with voice control or not(viewtopic.php?f=44&t=10556&p=55739#p55739)
    • Possibility to provide multiple commands in one sentence
    • Basic context awareness
    • Supports delayed execution (turn the light off in 2 minutes)
    • Can reply with questions to make the command more precise (optional)
    • Feedback about what is executed
    • Can answer simple yes/no questions about the current state of your devices (is the window open?)
    • Can answer simple questions about the current value of your devices (what is the temperature in the living room?)
    • Can be triggered from EventGhost directly and doesn't require the use of the web interface
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Re: Description & Features

Post by Sem;colon » Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:54 pm

Just some screenshots how things in my living room are looking on my smartphone :)
Dashboard living room (mobile)
Dashboard living room (mobile, rotated)
Lights in the living room (mobile, rotated)
PC file browser (mobile, rotated)
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