Registry plugin with variables

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Registry plugin with variables

Post by Owel » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:58 am


I had the problem, that the registry plugin is not able to evaluate variables. So you can just change registry values to hard coded values. But in my environment I need some kind of dynamical way.
To go into detail: an eg.result has to be written to an registry key.
I've done some research, and now I have a solution, that the registry plugin is able to handle variables (eg.ParseString did it)

I've added following code (~line 739) in the

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newValue = eg.ParseString(newValue)
So this section will look like this:

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        #set or delete key
            if (action == 0) or (action == 1):
                newValue = eg.ParseString(newValue)
                if keyType == _winreg.REG_DWORD:
                   newValue = int(newValue)
                #change key
                _winreg.SetValueEx(regHandle, valueName, 0, keyType, newValue)
This will make the plugin able to handle {eg.result} or any other variable the correct way.

I hope this is helpfull to others, and might be merged.


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Re: Registry plugin with variables

Post by Pako » Wed Feb 20, 2013 7:17 am

Yes, I think it is the lack of this plugin.
And it is quite easy to fix it.
So be patient, I'll do it in the foreseeable future.
But if someone will faster than me, so of course it can do!
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