Eventghost Log Jumping

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Eventghost Log Jumping

Postby kgschlosser » Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:48 am

I have created a plugin which i think aught to be standard in future releases

it stops the Log from jumping back to the bottom if you are scrolled back in it.

this is a rather irritating problem/feature? of EventGhost because if you have an active session (as i do) if you are trying to go back and read it is almost impossible without having to disable your plugins..

which really isn't a resolution it's more like a band-aid.

so this plugin actually resolves that by redirecting log writes to the plugin and then setting where the display is in the list of log entries and telling the wx.listctrl to display the viewable items even if something is added but if you scroll to the bottom of the log it will move the log forward as normal.

it's kind of a goofy workaround because wx.listctrl doesn't have any wx.EVT_ for scrolling because scrolling a list control is a built in windows function and doesn't report events on the scrolling and i think this way if fixing would also make it easier if EG ever went cross platform because it's not platform dependent (i think)

here is the link to the plugin. just a thought i rather like this thing a lot. saved me a few hairs on my head already


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