Play Sound in specified Device

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Play Sound in specified Device

Post by yasuo » Sat Aug 13, 2016 2:14 pm

Hi there,

i used this dirty hack to "set up" a cheap replay function for 433Mhz: ... er_for_PCs
- cheap usb soundcard
- 433Mhz converter
WARNING: Using this may result in harming local radio frequency laws as this hack ignores any other signals.

i already mentioned here: ... =15#p39099

basicly i can use EG to replay the recorded audiofile.
basicly i also can use some plugin to change the default sound device before
basicly i also can use some plugin to restore the default sound device afterwards

But it would really be handy to be able to Play that soundfile on a specific sound device. And i think there are several uses for that extension beside my little dirty hack.

Greetings :-)
PS: My personal workaround: i change the recorded files extensions from .wav to .433 and link *.433 files to a portable Version of MPC wich is set to use my USB-Soundcard (433Mhz converter) as default device.

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