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Re: Pulse-Eight CEC +

Post by kgschlosser » Tue Aug 20, 2019 3:05 am

OK I am going to give you a little short about CEC..
It is a horrid standard

#1: There is no certification for it. meaning so long as any manufacturer implements event a single control they are allowed to use the CEC logo
#2: Most manufacturers do implement a piece of it. then they hack the rest apart and develop their own standard. Any TV that carries the CEC logo but when you go into the settings for the device it is named something else..

Here are a few examples
  • 1-Touch Play: Roku
  • Anynet+: Samsung
  • Aquos Link: Sharp
  • BRAVIA Link, BRAVIA Sync: Sony
  • CE-Link, Regza Link: Toshiba
  • E-link: AOC
  • EasyLink: Philips
  • Fun-Link: Funai, Sylvania, Emerson, Magnavox, Philips
  • INlink: Insignia
  • Kuro Link: Pioneer
  • NetCommand, Realink: Mitsubishi
  • RIHD: Onkyo
  • RuncoLink: Runco International
  • SimpLink: LG
  • T-Link: Thomson
  • VIERA Link, HDAVI Control, EZ-Sync: Panasonic
When they do this they have added a portion of the CEC specification and then added a bunch of stuff that is their own. which is not native CEC.

#3: When CEC is used by the manufacturers almost none of them use the entire specification. this is not a requirement.
#4: 1/2 the crap in the CEC specification doesn't even work/was never finished.
#5: NEVER use an HDMI cable greater then 6 feet and expect to have CEC be reliable.
#6: manufacturers do not document CEC properly. So Try different HDMI ports and different arrangements that way before you give up. You can try connecting the HDMI cable from the output from the TV to the input on the AVR and see what happens. sometimes they only allow a portion of the control on specific HDMI ports. TV manufacturers feel that the TV is the "Master" and it is what controls what devices are on and off... They feel that their remote is the one that is going to get used to say change the input on the AVR. they do not set the thing up in a manner that would allow you to change the input on the TV from the AVR remote. That is not the design of the protocol but that is the kind of thing they do.

make sure that you set the HDMI port in the plugin config dialog. This is extremely important.. The port number MUST match the port number that you have the adapter plugged into on the TV.
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