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Re: Z-Wave

Post by kgschlosser » Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:39 am

Well that depends. how long does it take for homeseer to show the change of a device?... So if you go and turn off a light how long until homeseer tells you that it is off?

This plugin also exposes all of a zwave devices variables and settings. It is raw in nature meaning there are no fancy GUI's based on what type of device it is.

The best feature of this plugin is it's ability to dynamically change polling. Every device needs to be polled for it's state. Even ZWave plus devices. Because there simply is no guarantee that a packet made it where it needed to go. You can set up a macro that will ensure that a device changes when you tell it to. You would add an action where you could increase it's polling rate then another action to send the command to the device. then another action to verify the change of the device. and if the change was successful then you can decrease the polling back to where it was and exit the macro. This single thing keeps your network at it's most efficient. You can selectively set which devices have a higher priority and you can set the polling for the devices according to that.

If your HA is aware if you are home or not then there is no need to poll the lights in the house if no one is home. But if you have security sensors you would probably want to bump up the polling on those when you are not home. and vice versa.

I have not used homeseer's zwave at all So i cannot say if it is better or not. I can tell you that this one if free so to test it out does not cost you a single penny.
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