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Toggle Plugin

Post by _RIGHT_H » Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:31 pm

I'm not sure if EG has a built-in function like this or similar plugin already exists.
this is a very small plugin to help keep a track of somethings 'state' .True/False -- ON/OFF . and toggle between them

very useful when using it with "jump with else option" command

multiload: add multiple plugins

available action:
Toggle State
Set State to true
set State to false
Get Current State (returns true or false)
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Re: Toggle Plugin

Post by SupahNoob » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:06 pm

This idea is great and simple for all the folks who don't know anything about coding/logic. Could easily be set up in EventGhost with it's native actions, however it's great that it can be simplified for those who want a know-nothing solution!

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Re: Toggle Plugin

Post by bengalih » Mon Oct 12, 2015 5:21 pm

While I'm not crazy about loading an entire plugin...or worse multiple plugins to check something like this, I do admit that for some users this might be beneficial.

I had to download your plugin to see what it did because you screen shots are very unclear.

In fact, from your screen shots above it looks more like you are doing this the "traditional way", but instead substituting your plugin.
Examine instead the screen shot I have of a similar setup:
toggle example
Here we have a similar setup to your code, but no additional plugin is needed.
We simply have an action we want to toggle, in this case "My Script" (currently toggled off).
And, every time we receive the event MceRemote.Mce.Record we check to see if the item is on or off and based on that we toggle the behavior.

To correlate it closer to your example, we would just use the state of the "My Script" folder (ignore whats in it) as your "value."
So if that folder is disabled we are OFF, and you can run your macro to turn it "ON" and vice - versa.

As such, I personally see the use of your plugin as an unnecessary complexity, as I am able to accomplish the same thing without any "custom code"
That being said, if it makes it easier for others, great! And thanks for contributing.

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