TivoNetwork Plugin

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TivoNetwork Plugin

Post by Possessed » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:48 am

Allows controlling Tivo over the network.

I doubt there are many users of EG that use it with a Tivo - and if so have a need for a plugin like this. My use case: I started with Tivo back in 2000 and now my hand and mind are now (de)formed around a peanut remote. I briefly stopped (4 yrs?) using Tivo in favor of Microsoft Media Center - where I found out about EG and begain using the beloved Peanut with it. However, I was able to finally move back to Tivo again once it finally received the time saving feature of MCE - allowing faster than real time viewing with audio. But a problem remained - I had built a whole system around EG and still wanted to use it. (Also, I had a few custom commands for shorter skips for hurry up offenses). I started using the MCE IR Blaster, but it was a bit slow. (Also, don't ask why, but I have two Tivo's in the same room.) Hence this plugin. Almost all credit belongs to others as shown in code / description of plugin.

Now that the boring into is complete:
I did not copy / implement any code that automatically finds a tivo.
So you'll either want to use a static (or statically assigned via DNS server) IP address.
You'll need to allow your tivo to be controlled over the network (google how to do this, as it may have changed in new versions of Tivo)
The port configuration was probably silly to add, the default 31339 should work.

I use other software that controls the tivo using the same port, so I added a 'Connection Timeout' feature that will close the connection after it's idle for a given period. I found that a new connection for each command was slow when you need a few quick button presses. With EG / IR between you and your tivo - it might still be too slow for some used to RF remote.

Hopefully the rest is self explanatory...

2017-12-10 Updated to .2 with suggestions by kgschlosser - should be faster for multiple commands
2017-12-11 Updated to .3 added action to launch Netflix
2019-08-12 Updated to .4 added actions to set Quick Mode Speed
Version .4 on 2019-08-12
(7.34 KiB) Downloaded 71 times
Version .3 on 2017-12-11
(7.2 KiB) Downloaded 97 times
Version .2 on 2017-12-10
(7.15 KiB) Downloaded 81 times
Version .1
(7.37 KiB) Downloaded 94 times
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Re: TivoNetwork Plugin

Post by jachin99 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:18 pm

i dont use TIvo but I do thing its pretty cool EG now has a plugin for it!!

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Re: TivoNetwork Plugin

Post by Lilak » Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:18 pm


Thank you! It works very well.

To people in Sweden, it works for ComHems TiVo.

Best regards


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