Time to say goodbye

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Time to say goodbye

Post by krambriw » Mon May 15, 2017 2:10 pm

It has been a fantastic journey all years but it has come to a point when I will completely change my priorities. For my personal needs & solutions, I have migrated everything to Node-RED and basically retired EG for my own use.
I will leave my plugins available for download for the time being but I will not develop any new plugins or add any functionality to existing ones unless I need it for my personal use.

I wanna thank you all for good cooperation & fantastic friendship during the years,
Hope you understand

My very best regards,

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by zian » Mon May 15, 2017 11:57 pm

Bummer & OK.
So it goes.

Thanks for all you have done around here and with and for EventGhost Walter. Sincerly.

Come back anytime. :)
Or never ever again. :(
Either way... you be well Walter.

Life is short... enjoy it all you can.
Be there or be square.

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by kgschlosser » Tue May 16, 2017 4:21 am

Hey Walter. Sad to see you leaving the EG community. you have made EG what it is today. And without you and a few others EG would not be around today. That's a huge thing, and just because you are no longer going to develop for EG doesn't mean people will not be able to enjoy what you have given them in the years to come. You are one of the ones that kept it alive for people to use. you have also shared you wealth of knowledge to others. and those people will remember you and what you have taught and also remember that excitement when they were using one of your plugins for the first time. Just remember you do have a family here and even tho you move on to greater things, family never leaves. so if not even on the developing end of things at least pop in and say hello every now and again. I thank you for all the help you have given me these past 2 years. whether it was directly or just by reading your code you have taught me a lot I will miss having you around and I know others will as well.. And whatever it is you are headed to they are in luck because they are going to gain a great developer as well as a mentor. I know you will bring great things to whatever it is you are moving on to. I do not know if they have a community like EG does. but if they do you will bring along great things to them. I wish you well in everything you do. and remember. every day you open your eyes in the morning is going to be a fantastic day.. because your alive! And don't forget about us over here.

Best of luck in every thing you do.
If you like the work I have been doing then feel free to Image

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by Snowbird » Tue May 16, 2017 9:33 am

So long Walter,

Thanks for all the hard work you have done over the years and all the help you have provided to many many users, it has been sincerely appreciated.
You'll be missed there's no question about it !

Good luck in your new projects.

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by Pako » Wed May 17, 2017 11:59 am

Dear Walter !
What to say about that. You will miss here, but I understand you.
I hope I'm not mistaken that we are real friends, and it will stay that way.

Best regards and keep up the good work (though not within EventGhost) !

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by skribb » Wed May 17, 2017 9:13 pm

I like the idea of flow-based programming a lot. Lycka till med Node-RED :D
Automation is life.

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by Foune » Fri May 19, 2017 11:09 am

Thanks for all your work bro.Image

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by rdgerken » Mon May 29, 2017 4:40 pm

THANK YOU for all of your contributions! I too am looking to move to something else, but I plan on using EG for a short time longer. I would be interested to see what you've done with Node Red. At any rate, it was great learning from you. You've done some awesome work here, and like the others stated, it will be enjoyed by many for a long time to come.

Take care,

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Re: Time to say goodbye

Post by piert » Tue May 30, 2017 6:38 am


Thank you very much for all of your great plugins and your excellent and sympathetic support through the many, many years!
Sad to see you go, but all the best in your new endeavours.


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