Show OSD Customization options

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Show OSD Customization options

Post by jachin99 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 4:33 pm

I was looking at ways to restore desktop gadgets or install something like rainmeter on Windows 10. I wanted something that gives me a quick reference to whatever information I need but mostly stays out of the way. I would like to have something that is always there but doesn't grab my attention. Then I remember EG has a show OSD option built into it so I toyed around with that some. My caveat is there aren't a lot of customization options in the built in plugin for things like font or background color etc. Are there any more customization options for showosd that I'm missing or that I can add?

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Re: Show OSD Customization options

Post by kgschlosser » Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:14 am

what kind of information are you trying to display??? I can duplicate the gadgets that used to exist in windows 7. It would take some work to do.. Rainmeter is over bloated for what you need. and frankly is unstable. so is stardock. I think it's called stardock... There are options out there you have to do some digging to locate one that will fit the bill.
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