Asus PN50 (AMD 7nm NUC) with ITECIR ITE8708

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Asus PN50 (AMD 7nm NUC) with ITECIR ITE8708

Post by drlava » Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:59 am

Hi everyone,
I've updated my HTPC to an ASUS PN50 lately. It's a sweet little box, perfect for this sort of thing, silent and low power consumption built on AMD's 7nm mobile processors.

It has built-in an ITECIR receiver, an ITE8708.

I am attaching the driver and a registry file which apparently is able to tell the driver how to interpret two different remotes. It's not clear if this driver has a raw data pass-through mode.

As these boxes are popular HTPC machines, I'm hoping that someone can provide some pointers as to how to get this receiver working with EventGhost?
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