in search of... app developers ios & android trash share

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in search of... app developers ios & android trash share

Post by zian » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:04 am

It's beautiful where I live in West Virginia USA. But it's very dirty. Lots of trash litters and lazy slobs to cheap to do things proper.
I want to help clean my street, town, city, county, state .... you get the drift.

here we go...
ISO App Developer/s Android & iOS.
Wanted budding/learning/professional coders.
Location/Map based app.
The app would show users the location of free open dumpsters & trash cans that they can put their trash into in their area by way of pins on a map... City or county for example.
The app would also need an alert/submit function to...
1. Let the refuse company know that a dumpster is full and ready for pickup.
2. Alert users to not use that can/dumpster.
Red pin (on map) it's full.
Green pin... Available can/dumpster.
Users could also submit their own cans and dumpsters to the app/map and allow them to be added to the map for people to find and use that can/dumpster.
The app should be simple and lightweight in design and function easily without much thought or a learning curve. Simple straightforward.
Maybe also a point reward system of some type down the road.
See a mattress in a stream?
Or an old rotten couch on the side of a road?
It can be reported via app.
Maybe as simply as a pic with GPS data.
There is no interview, no resume needed, no appointments required. Just do it.
Any questions feel free to ask.
I look forward to seeing and testing what you can code for us.
Thank you sincerely.
The Ohio Valley Beauty & Better Life Project

I will post this to a few coding groups at Facebook and here.
if it would be best to pool resources, minds, and code.... please advise.
I will do whatever is best for you all and this project.
Thanks for your time wisdom and code... Ian
I will also reply below with some other info, FB groups and such so that you may hav a better idea of the end goal.
Clean where I live. Clean EVERYWHERE if it's dirty.
Share this app. No profits. Just better lives all around.
Less dirt litter & filth.
Be there or be square.

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